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Must check-in 30 minutes prior to closing

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Sports physicals can be used for a variety of reasons and help determine if you or your child is healthy enough to participate in certain physical activities. The team at SCV Quality Care can quickly determine your health status and supply you with documentation for your needs.

Quality health and sports screening for children

and adults.

It is possible that specific requirements are made by the camp, school or sports team you are engaging with. Our staff is familiar with most of these requirements and can determine if you would have any reason not to participate. Your health is important to us.

Specific requirements covered

- Height and weight measurement

- Resting temperature \ Resting heart rate

- School related athletic activities

- High contact sports

- Sports that require extreme demands

- Summer camps

- Nose, throat, and ear exam \ Blood pressure

- Employment wellness checks

Why would you need a physical?

Need a DMV physical? Walk in or make an appointment. Please be advised that since insurance does not pay for DMV physicals, you will need to pay for the physical when you check-in. The cost is $100.

DMV Physicals offered

Prepare your athlete for a fun season

Doing pulse examination